June 24, 2011

F'ing Friday

Before you go getting all offended by the title, you should read further because it's really just about the letter "F"  And there are lots of awesome things that start with "F".  Ok, there might be a real F-word below, but it's a quote and totally worth it...

We might as well start with the obvious, it's FRIDAY!!  Woo to the Hoo!

And since it is FRIDAY, why not be FABULOUS too?

Now that you are FABULOUS, don't you want to add a little something FUNNY?
"Knock-knock. motherfucker!" 
I thought this post of mine was pretty funny, but this post on FIGHTING--hands down--blows mine out of the water, and just might be the FUNNIEST thing I've ever read.

Who's better to share your FRIDAY-loving, FABULOUS, and FUNNY self with than your FRIENDS?

And FINALLY, while we are on the subject of F words...
Are you my FRIEND on FACEBOOK?  It would be just FANTASTIC if you were!

Now go have a F'ing FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!

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