June 27, 2011

On procrastination

This is a pretty good representation of what my dad looks like, only he usually has blue eyes

I happen to be a master on the subject of procrastination, and at this point, I probably have a PhD on the topic.  My father can probably best attest to this. 

Want to see a grown man lose his mind??  Tell him you have a Science Fair Project* due...tomorrow.  Oh yeah, add that you haven't quite decided what your project is exactly...that will take him down every.single.time.  Total the car (twice), not so much as a wince, procrastinate on an important school project (twice) (ok, a lot more than twice), you might not see the light of day for a while.

Why am I writing about procrastination?  Because I don't have my outfit post for you...yet.  Don't tell my dad though, I'll get it done soon, very soon.

*On a related note and one of my proudest (???) moments was being selected to take my (completely fabricated) science fair project to a regional competition in high school.  It was a little uncomfortable when the judges came around to discuss the project and I had no idea what to say. 
I outsmarted them though, I spent most of the day in the bathroom (probably painting my nails).

Not sure if this makes me super awesome or super lame.

PS  I didn't win any special accolades or prizes.
PPS  I was also the Senior Class President...ask me about all the awesome class reunions I have planned.  I'm working on it guys, working on it.
PPPS  This would have been so much more awesome if I had posted this last week, like on Father's Day.
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