July 22, 2011

all that glitters

...is not gold.  Sometimes it's silver, or bronze, or all 3 at once.
This outfit is completely over the top, even my skirt is sparkly.  And despite the fact that my necklace looks like I wadded up tin foil, it's actually a million super sparkly beads.

Today I'm linking up with Marie-Eve at A Pretty Nest for "What's in your bag?"
Wanna see what I tote around daily??  Of course you do...duh.
If you don't, read no further.

Bag:  Kate Spade (from TJ MAXX!?!?CLEARANCE!?!?)

The other stuff:
1.  Random free cosmetic case
I keep my phone charger in here because I go into convulsions without my phone.

2.  BR Wallet
An oldie, but goodie

3.  Handicraft from Bali
I keep my receipts, coupons, and other little papers and cards in here.

4.  Handicraft from Thailand
The grocery store I go to uses these stupid coins for discounts...I keep them because I can get coffee for $0.78 with them.

I love these, but I have been contemplating some RB Aviators.

6.  My favorite necklace, well one of them.

7.  My current fav perfume.

I usually use my phone, but you never know when you need and extra camera.

This stuff is amazing.  Even after you wash your hands, it's still there!

10.  Tampons

11.  Purell

12.  Miniature Tweezers

13.  Notebook
For all my super important thoughts...

14.  Something I want that I tore out of a magazine.

15.  Business Card Holder
That is empty...grrr.

16.  Random Lip Stuff
Smashbox - Starlit
NYX - Addis Ababa (had to have this after I saw it in Lucky this month)

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