October 3, 2011

inspiration monday

I know, I know, you've seen this before as a "bonus" to this post.  If I could have seen into the future, I would have known to save it, but I haven't developed that skill just yet.  I feel quite confident that I must be committing some sort of blogger crime by posting the same photos, but it's Inspiration Monday over at Two Birds and this little ensemble was just perfect.  PLUS, I had more I wanted to say about this outfit, so it's kind of like killing two birds with one stone.  

When I stopped by to check out the inspiration outfit this week, I saw this:
I was like, "no way, not even going to try this look".  I personally don't even like it on her.  Fancy lumberjack?  Meh...
Then I scrolled down and noticed that there were 3 outfits to choose from this week.  I was baffled and confused, but thrilled to discover that I could revisit my outfit above. When I originally posted it, the post was already too long by the time I got to the "bonus" and I didn't get a chance to talk about how perfect this dress is for traveling.

I don't wear sweats in public, or PJ's for that matter, and I've already discussed how I feel in jeans. 
I do, however, insist on being comfortable (physically and emotionally) while traveling, and I travel quite a bit.  I've gotten not only personal comfort, but getting through security down to an art.  
If you've got a big trip in the works (like me!!!!), here are a few of my do's and dont's

Do use a rolling carry on....don't pay extra to check your bags.
Do wear something comfortable...don't roll out of bed and forget to get dressed.
Do accessorize...don't wear anything with clasps that take more than 2 seconds to take off or put on.
Do wear shoes that slip on and off...don't wear sneakers...ever, unless you are exercising.

Now, DO go check everyone else out at:

And, DON'T forget to have an awesome day!
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