September 21, 2011

work it wednesday - this dress, penciled in...

all season long.

Remember last Thursday when I told you I had some exciting news?

Well, here is the first part...
I've been asked to be a Brand Ambassador for Karina Dresses!
I've always wanted to be an ambassador, but given that I have zero interest in politics, this is probably about as close to an ambassador as I am going to get, and really, I couldn't be more thrilled!
I was so flattered and a little bit shocked when Karina approached me.
Seriously, I'll be working alongside superstars such as Sarah and Sally!?!

It's funny how the world works, I was just thinking that I should start supporting and featuring independent clothing designers given that I am practically in the same boat as an independent accessory designer myself...and Karina came into my life.
I drove down to NYC a couple of weeks ago to meet Karina and the rest of her amazing team, and I had an unbelievable time.  I don't know why, but even though I lived in NYC for several years, I still feel like I need to look extra special when I go into the city.  I generally end up feeling not cool enough, but Karina was so warm and welcoming that I was put at ease immediately.  After we talked a bit to get to know each other better I got to pick out a Karina Dress of my very own.

There were hundreds of dresses to choose from and I kept pulling solids, and Karina kept handing me this dress.  I tried to insist that I was not a pattern person, but after the third time she handed me the same dress, I begrudgingly tried it on.  I couldn't believe it, love at first site!  I ended up wearing it out for dinner...that night.

In addition to looking amazing, each dress is made with love...that you can literally feel.  I don't know if it was because I was with the designer or not, but I can honestly tell you I could feel the love from this dress.  
 With the addition of tights, boots and possibly a sweater, this dress will still be perfect through October.

The best part of the whole situation (and the initial reason I jumped on this opportunity) is that Karina dresses pair perfectly with my jewelry.  
***Even though I love this cuff, it is a one of a kind that didn't make it into my collection.  AND, because I already have a very similar cuff I've decided give this one away.  BUT, you can't win it'll have to stop by Chasing Davies for your chance to win.***
Come November, I am looking forward to adding a chunky sweater, taller boots, and reading by the fire.  That is, if I had a fire place.
One more awesome fact about Karina dresses is that they are perfect for travel, and I travel as much as possible.  Not only are they as comfortable at PJ's, they are wrinkle proof and can be washed and hung to dry in a matter of hours.

I do hope you'll stop by and say hello to Karina and her very special apparel company.  If the pictures above haven't already convinced you that you need one too, you might be interested to know that Karina dresses are produced in the US and the company is woman owned!  
You know what that means...they give back.

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  1. That pattern is amazing! And congrats on such a fabulous new job!!


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