July 14, 2011

my skirty little secret + an algebra lesson

...I don't own a maxi skirt.  I know, gasp.  I am hoping that this one makes it into my closet sooner than later.  The good news is that I was forced to look at this dress in a new light.  Now back to the bad news...

Not one of these items is on my 30 for 30 list...so I didn't get to wear this today except to snap a few pictures for Bloggers do it Better
To punish myself I did a little algebra.

Number of 30 for 30 items in this outfit = 0
On a comfort level scale of 1-10 this outfit = about 59
% sad I was not to get to wear this outfit = 234%
chance I will be wearing this outfit very soon = 100%

 My math is a little off? 
And it's not even algebra?!

Well, I did my best to impart a math lesson on you. 
There *might* be better forums for that.
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