June 17, 2011

30~30 Challenge Day 5: Dreamy

Dreamy is all I can say about this dress.

It is so comfortable and I kind of think Monet painted it just for me.  I am going to be perfectly honest with you though, this is a little bit of a cheater post for the 30~30 challenge though. 
It's true, I have never worn it before, and I purchased it BEFORE the challenge started, but it has not been laying in wait in the depths of my closet.  I bought it this weekend.

I am able to justify the post however.
I found it smashed in the corner of the clearance rack at Banana Republic, so I saved it from the BR closet.  (I'm sure some other shopper was trying to hide it from me until she could buy it for herself...I know this only because I may, or may not have used this tactic myself).

PS  I am sorry Other Shopper, I know how disappointing it is to go back to purchase the dress you sneakily hid from every other shopper to have it disappeared.
PPS Next time, try slipping it in with the wrong sizes, or in a completely different part of the store, like  the men's section...that works better.
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