June 1, 2011

Not always so crafty

I often have genius ideas that I fail to make happen at the time they arise, but eventually make their way in my life.  I also think I am a bit craftier than I am.  Sure, I can make jewelry and paint my nails (oh, and the occasional skirt), but it pretty much stops there.  In fact my best friend and I had a "crap box" at one point full stuff used in our failed attempts a making things such as wreaths, frosted glasss, painted wine glasses, and I'm sure much more...
So I'm not sure what made me think I could paint some glass canisters.  As usual, it started off innocently enough.  Always on some sort of healthy eating kick that lasts about .02 seconds, last summer I decided to stop eating processed foods.  So if I wanted tortillas, I was going to make them myself (have I EVER made a tortilla, you ask?  That would be no).  Anyway in order to make all these fabulous unprocessed delicacies, I was going to need all sorts of new canisters, right? 

So off to IKEA I went and bought about 20 glass canisters (you know, for all the different types of flour and such), and on my way home (this is where my genius comes in) I had the awesome idea to buy some chalk board paint to label all my new canisters!!  Yea!! I LOVE projects!

This was before I started blogging and documenting my awesomeness, and unfortunately don't have any pictures, so I'm going to just cut to the chase here.  Imagine 2 days later, paint in all the wrong places...not adhereing to canisters, but an amazing ability to stay on the cabinets, not to mention a huge mess.

Moral of the story, don't DIY this one, just buy these, discovered at On the Front Porch Looking In.

I just saved you a bunch of time and money, not to mention your cabinets.
You are welcome.
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  1. You are sure we are not related? Or at least share a brain?
    I do the exact same thing...health kick, here I come! I need to go get a bunch of stuff. Oh yeah, that didn't work. Oh well, cute canisters, that I am not sure what to do with. Ummmmm....Yeah.
    The canisters are really cute and thanks for saving my counter tops.... :)


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