May 18, 2011

yellow + blue =

When I was in high school I was mildly obsessed with painting my nails.  In fact, I believe I may have recieved a detention for painting my nails in class my senior year.  Back then, painting my nails was a daily occurance, and while I no longer have time for such luxuries, I have recently reaquainted myself with nail polish.  I love all of the colors that are now available and I especially love playing with several at once.  After seeing ombre nails here, here, and here, I decided to give it a try...
I'm smitten.

Want my cuff?  It's the deal of the day!
{30% off + free shipping}
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  1. This turned out great. I really love doing my nails too. And I'm so glad to hear thrifting went well for you! Hope to see what you found!

  2. I love all the unusual colors now, too. I've got blue on my toes; Love the yellow and blue on you.

  3. Love!

    I have never been brave enough to try cool colors on my nails...usually I put them on my toes :).


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