May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I've been having so much fun this week joining in on all the blogger games. 
And, after linking up with a couple other blogs, I have gotten introduced to a whole new set of bloggers...the thrifty kind.  Although I have tons of friends who love to thrift shop, I personally have never had much luck.  That, however, has changed thanks to Meagan at Spunky Chateau.  After discovering her over at Two Birds, I did a little perusing of her site and discovered this post with 15 tips for thrift shopping.  

Tips in hand, I decided to give it one more try...and I actually found a few little gems!

First of all, how amazing is this pink blazer??  I have a little bit of a crush on pink at the moment, and I was planning a trip into the city to grab this one from Zara, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find the one my size...AND 50% off!! 

I also snagged this adorable little hat, which I was so grateful for after I had a complete fail at this hair tutorial. 
I may never shop retail again! 
(a complete lie...Goodwill has nothing on you, by beloveds, Target, JCrew & Anthropologie)

Want my ring?
It's the deal of the day!
{30% off + free shipping}

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  1. LOOoove this!
    ~Nicki Creel~

  2. I am so glad you did well thriting! I can't give up real stores either but it helps to be able to pad your closet with thrifted finds. Great job!

  3. we are in the same color outfit, gorgeous color isn't it? You look bright, cheery and pretty. Nice hat and ring there. Thrifting is fun, don't stop.


  4. Wow...the hot pink really caught my eye! Found you through spunky chateau.

  5. I often do a variation on a theme of that hair how-to. I twist, but I put my hair in mini buns all over my head. So in addition to twisting, I spin them and pin them to my head using bobby pins. It works really well, especially if you're a passenger on a train/plane/car etc and are going somewhere. You can do your hair while you travel. Or do it at home and take it out right before you get to your destination..... My hair would look awful if I just twisted it the way she did.


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