May 6, 2011

TGI~5way : Libby Necklace

TGI~5way my friends!

Once again I have dug (deep) into my closet to pull together 5 different looks for 1 piece from my collection.  I am trying to gather ideas for some of the trickier pieces I have designed for those of you who are interested in certain pieces, but just aren't quite sure how it will fit into your wardrobe. 

I'm well aware that I have quite a colorful wardrobe to choose from (I'm guessing not everyone has a bright green blazer kicking around), but I think you'll notice the pieces are quite basic and found in most closets.

This outfit is pretty simple, and definitely one of my go to looks all summer long.  Like I mentioned above, you might not have green shorts, but this outfit is just as cute with khaki or navy shorts.  I have all the staple colors of shorts, so every year I try and pick one fun color to add to the mix.  Last year it was green, this year it's hot pink (on back order, boo...waiting patiently, J Crew).

I think this is a great look for casual Friday.  The dark jeans keep you polished, while the blazer helps the necklace have less of a "tribal" look.

Simple Summer.  Another thing I purchase each summer is a simple white dress.  They keep you cool on sweltering days and so easy just to throw on with a few accessories.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't love khaki's.  Mostly because the don't flatter me, but I also find them kind of blah.  I do, however, own a couple pairs (always searching for a pair the might look good).  To cheer myself up when I put these on, I like to add some serious color on other parts of my body. 

Another easy day look.  I love white pants, so easy to pair with just about anything and always a polished look.

Don't forget, there are only a few days left for buy, one get one
Are you going to try the Libby Necklace out for yourself?

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