May 4, 2011

Miracle on Color Addict Street

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It's no secret that I LOVE color.  Have ya seen my website lately?

A few months ago I came across the top above at Target and I fell in love.  I originally bought orange, well, because it is THE color of the season.  Soon after I got home I kept thinking about how much I really liked the black one too.  After thoughts of a black and white ruffly tops danced in my head all night, I flew back to Target the next morning to snatch it up. 

Unfortunately the obsession didn't stop there.  As I was trying to pull something together to wear one morning I came across a floral skirt that I had forgotten I owned (probably because I didn't have a top to coordinate), and I thought, "I really wish that ruffly top came in yellow too."  Then quickly pulled something together and forgot about it.

 So can you imagine my astonishment when I walked into Target not even a week later and found the same shirt in yellow AND turquoise!!!  I had to have every.single.color.

I promise you'll be seeing these tops in many upcoming posts!

PS I looked on for a link so you could have one (or four) too, but I couldn't find them.  I didn't get them too long ago, so if you pray to the fashion goddesses, possibly with sugar on top, you *might* find them on the clearance rack. 
PPS.  The above story is proof that miracles do happen...even for addicts.
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