October 11, 2012

well, HELLO there!

I know.  Really, I know.

I have been a complete jerk, and I could give you a long list of (legitimate-ish) excuses as to my absence, but I am going to refrain because I really just want to tell you about

For some time now I have struggled with this blog.  I started it for my jewelry business, but then I really wanted to talk about more than business or *gasp* jewelry (lip gloss! cupcakes!  puppies!).  I know I'm really the boss here and I can talk about whatever I want (doughnuts for dinner anyone?), but it really didn't seem like the place.  SO... instead of (self inflicted) guilt trips, I decided to just start a new blog!

I would just love it if you would follow along with me!
{Here's a sneak peak.  Spoiler alert...it involves Kate Spade(on the cheap)}

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