March 9, 2012

pinterest, a lesson in personal failure

1.  A beautiful terrarium!  
I made a beautiful mess.  In all honesty, I didn't read the instructions, but I'm pretty sure they didn't include a chop stick.  

2.  Healthy chocolate chip cookie dough!  
Okay, I may or may not have forgotten one of the ingredients, which may or may not have been critical because while this was edible, I'd never choose it over real cookie dough.  
On the bright side though, since it was "healthy", I did have this for breakfast and it wasn't too bad!

3.  Magic Bathroom Cleaner!  
Not really "magic", I still had to used half the bottle.  

4.  Awesome DIY chalk board!  
I didn't even get a chance to screw this one up (see above)!  Probably won't be making this for my imaginary children either...

SO...what are YOU up to this weekend?  
You should totally be following me on Pinterest...I pin some awesome stuff!!

We could paint our elephants, fancy up our hair, or even help each other rainbow our houses! 

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  1. Can we paint elephants this weekend???

  2. This post cracked me up! I'm pretty sure my projects would turn out like that too. At least you attemp them!

  3. Ahahahaha I'm totally laughing with you. That pretty much sums up every DIY I've EVER attempted. The picture frame I made for my bf? The letters are now falling off., because I used the wrong glue. Doesn't that say true love...

    I missed the painted elephant idea before, but I JUST saw somewhere that someone bought plastic elephants and spray painted them, then attached them to rocks to make book ends. No idea where I found it though - talk about vague. THAT I think I could possibly not mess up. Maybe.

  4. That is hilarious!

    Yeah, I don’t know why I think I’m crafty, I’m really not. At all. I think it’s part lack of patience, part I think I know better, part cannot follow directions…

  5. I made that healthy cookie dough dip and LOVE it!  I thought it really tasted like cookie dough and ended up eating 2/3rds of it... so not sure if it's still healthy in that amount?

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  6. I saw, that’s why I tried it. I thought it was okay. I did forget the milk though…maybe that was it?? And despite the fact that I didn’t love it, I ate the whole thing (half the night I made it, the rest for breakfast)…pretty sure that wasn’t “healthy”


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