January 17, 2012

target tuesday - skirt stalker

I recently stumbled upon this skirt at Target last week.  It was clearly love at first sight, but then I had a little talk with myself that went kind of like this:

Self, remember how you're not a co-ed any longer? (sniff, sniff)
Self, remember how we are going to try and buy more age appropriate sophisticated clothes?
Umm, well, I guess?
Self, this skirt is in the teen section.  Step away from the section.
Really, but I can really see us in this skirt.
Self, keep walking.

And the skirt was left behind...
Until I got my Lucky magazine and saw this

Self and I decided this was a good opportunity to revisit the conversation.

Self, you better go back and get that skirt.  Today.
And if any further justification was necessary, check out my "wear it" pinterest board!

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  1. I have been having the same conversation with myself! I think you may have convinced me, but the ones at Target just look like they will be so short I haven't tried them on! Let me know what you think when you get one.


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