November 22, 2011

spinning threads wishes for...

When I was a kid I couldn't wait for Christmas, especially presents.  But now that I have two kids (and another on the way), I don't even exchange gifts with my hubby, Camouflage.  Though every once in a while I'll buy myself something from him :) 
My 4-year old, Princess Sparkles, wants something really girly like a sequined tutu, a crown or some jewelry.  Pigtails, my 20-month old, would just ask for apple sauce or pens (since I don't let her play with those yet)...then she'd draw all over our walls.

As for me, I don't really need anything (except maybe some more sleep).  But when Shelly asked me to do a wishlist as a guest post, I thought it would be fun!  Thanks, Shelly, for letting me share!







Thank you Claire!  
I would LOVE to see you in that second poncho...I hope you've been a good girl!!

So, what are you wishing for???
Link YOUR list up on Friday for a chance to win gifts for all of the girls on your list {more details Friday}

PS Stop back by later today to see who is up next!
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