November 22, 2011

bex wishes for...

happy holiday season all! 
i'm bex, i write a little blog bex a diary
when shelly asked me to be a part of this holiday wish series i was pumped then became slightly panicked.  
we're almost a month away from Christmas and i haven't given much thought to what i'd like to see under my tree this year. 
however all i needed was a moment to think and the wishes came flooding in. 
i'm so excited to share with you what i'm hoping santa leaves under my tree.
here are a few of my faves. 

holiday wish list
1. sequin mini. i'm in love! i need, i want, i have to have before the holidays. 
2. gs lillian zoe cuff. this lovely has been on my Christmas list since the summer. 
3. kiboots. must. have. now. i actually won a pair now to just pray i actually get em. 
4. colored skinny cords. ok these are a must! they'd be so great all the way through until spring.
5. navajo inspired tees. the navajo trend has captured my attention & graphic tees are always fun.  
6. burgundy floppy hat. because a girl can never have too many floppy hats. 
7. dolce & gabbana light blue perfume.  only the best perfume on the planet. its on my holiday wish list every year. 

Thank you Bex!  
I can tell you really need ALL of these!!
{if I were Santa, they'd all be yours!}

So, what's on your list???
Link YOUR list up on Friday for a chance to win gifts for some of the girls on your list! {more details Friday}

PS.   Stop back by tomorrow, there are many more wish lists coming your way!
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