October 24, 2011

Inspiration Monday


How was your weekend?  Mine didn't end up with apple picking (well actually, it kind of did...I picked up a new white iPhone!!!)  but it did end up with some major jewelry organization.  My dresser was a mess of tangled chains, multiple pairs of the same earrings, and long forgotten favorites.  I wish I had taken a few before pictures for you, but I will have some after pictures (from my new iPhone!?!***) for you later today.  I found some pretty ingenious jewelry organizer by thinking a little outside of the box.

***So dish, what are your favorite apps now that I've joined the 21st century??

PS I'm linking up with Two Birds for Inspiration Monday inspired by one of my personal favorites...
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  1.  Love the bright lip and cozy sweater : )

  2. Love the sweater you're wearing here.
    I lost an entire afternoon to untangling jewellery recently - very satisfying when finished though :) I'm intrigued by your organizer... care to share?

  3. picking up a new iphone is definitely apple picking, lol. this sweater looks super cozy, love how you used a smaller necklace with your larger earrings, i'm just now getting into jewelry and never know most rules or better ways to wear pieces

  4. Hi Hazel! Which organizer?? If it’s the one with all the earrings, it’s from Homegoods, but they also have them at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

  5. Hi Lauren! That sweater has been loved for too long…it has holes!


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