August 9, 2011

Inspiration Monday-Party Crashers

A few weeks ago Meggy at Chasing Davies hosted a friendship bracelet swap and I signed up as fast as I could.  I probably definitely have enough jewelry, but there ever enough when it comes to an arm party?

I got paired with the adorable Laura (LuLu) of A Candid Life and while I have perfected the jewelry I make for GS Lillian, I am not very good with many other crafts, especially when it comes to tying tiny knots, in a specific order, for more than 5 minutes.  I just don't have the patience or stamina for it.  I have DIY and tutorials bookmarked all over my computer, but I had yet to make anything.  So, that's why I was so excited to do the exchange.  The bracelet I sent Laura was sort of a mash up of GS Lillian and friendship bracelet.  The bracelets I received made me squeal with delight!  Not 3 days earlier I had emailed my friend with a link to the tutorial for these bracelets with a message that said, "I'm totally doing this".  Now I don't have to!!!

I thought about emailing Laura to ask what colors she liked, then I thought it might kind of ruin the fun of it, but the funniest thing is that we both used the same color palette!!  A friendship bracelet match made in Heaven!

Thanks again Laura, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new bracelets!


PS.  I'm still a day behind...linking up with Two Birds for yesterday's Inspiration Monday.
PPS.  I have the BEST sister in the world.  I haven't taken my bracelets off since I got them, but we went to Target and when I got home I noticed my blue bracelet was missing and I kind of wanted to cry because I really do love both of them.  My sister drove back to Target and FOUND MY BRACELET!!!!  

Chasing Davies
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