July 19, 2011

Target Tuesday

Hey Guys!  Guess what I discovered at Target today...the MEN's clearance rack!!  If I was allowed to shop right now, you better bet this shirt would have been in my basket! How cute would this be with white shorts, or jeans, or red shorts...why oh why did I leave this behind??  
 Anyway, check it out next time you are there.  The most awesome part is that there are a ton of smalls available.


PS.  Every time I type my name I either type SHelly or Shellt.  It's still me, I'll learn to spell my name soon, very soon.

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  1. I love that shirt! It would look so cute with white shorts!

  2. I saw this shirt on Monday while browsing the rack for Ben. I loved it but he'd never wear it and I already have 3 of my own! I did however find two pairs of denim for $14! Yay Target!


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