July 21, 2011


...that I need a SECOND Thursday Lately!!
this CANNOT wait until next Thursday
You guys, I CANNOT express enough gratitude for all your sweet comments, following, and heck...just reading this dear little blog of mine! 

Really, I am truly overwhelmed.  Thank you from the bottom of my great big heart...there is room for ALL of you.

GS Lillian is popping up all over the place, and I really can't believe it.  Have you been over to see Bex?  There are 138 entries  to win this!!  (Yup, I just checked...AGAIN)
Oh my...good luck everyone.
I can't wait to see who wins!!!!
When I win the lottery, I'll send everyone a necklace. 
I also got an email from Deb from Dress my Room and Ephemeral Evidence, and she has a GS Lillian feature on BOTH sites!  I especially loved Dress my Room, but please go visit both. 
Thank you Deb...a million xo's.

Much, much LOVE everyone.

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