July 21, 2011

ladybugs and giraffes

30 for 30 outfit 12

I'm not the best thrifter.  I usually go home empty handed, however I recently discovered the tie section and now it's my go to spot where I am almost certainly going to find a little success.  These two ties color coordinated perfectly, and really, who says ladybugs and giraffes can't be friends?

You can get my necklace here.

I'm linking up with Everybody, Everywear and Spunky Chateau today!
And, Meet Virginia Design on Tuesday...

Meet Virginia Design

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PS.  Don't forget to sign up to WIN this GS Lillian necklace!!
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1 comment:

  1. Ohhh girl! In love with this fit-the gold shoes just set it off! You gotta be patient when thrifting-sometime you find the world while other times you come out angry with nothing!!



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