June 29, 2011

Dear McDonalds,

Dear Mc Donalds,

Are you brainwashing me?

I'm generally not super paranoid, but I'm just wondering about this because sometimes, when I'm not even hungry, I have the urge to stop by and order a cheeseburger.  I don't even eat meat anymore for God's sake.  I might be willing to let this slide, because at one point in my life, I really did love your cheesburgers.  However, sometimes I even stop by and order things I didn't even know you had (Rolo McFurry???).

I have no concrete proof of said brainwashing, but if I find out you have, I am for sure going to sue you...and I am going to win, just like the hot coffee lady.

I've given you fair warning.  I do not want to see myself stopping by ever again.

Yours truly, Shelly
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