June 16, 2011

30~30 Challenge Day Four: Midi Love?

I wasn't sure if I was on board with the midi trend, but when I found this skirt (after searching forever for a red, pocketed skirt) at the Goodwill, I decided to give it a try.  At the very least, I thought I could hem it to a more appealing length. 

I'll be honest, I do feel a little 1982 Sears Catalog in this skirt, especially since I am almost positive that's when this skirt first appeared, but I also feel, dare I say, a bit chic.   And while these shoes get regular rotation in my wardrobe, this t-shirt was in need of rescue after months of sitting in my drawer, tags still intact.

I'm off to spend the afternoon at an outdoor cafe in Paris. 
Ok, maybe it's just my local Starbucks, but I'm going to pretend I am in Paris.
I might even order in French...yep, I'm just that hip.

Also linking up with Spunky Chateau today for Thrifty Thursday, stop by to check out more chic finds.

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