May 20, 2011

TGI5way ~ Abigail Necklace

Better late, than's TGI5way!
I really enjoy the challenge of this feature, so I didn't want to miss another week.

This week I chose to feature my Abigail Necklace, while it is definitely a favorite of fashion editors (have you seen the press this necklace has gotten??), customers, and me alike, it is a little tricky to style to to it's shear size.  The purpose of this feature it to find things that I have in my closet and make the chosen piece work for a variety of looks.  I personally like it best with simpler pieces such as a tank top, but as you can see it plays nicely with outfits from office to weekend.

Denim on Denim
I for one, have yet to fully embrace the blue denim on denim trend.  However, I don't mind white denim mixed with blue.  The denim shirt comes in and out of vogue so often that I'd venture to say everyone has one hidden in their closet somewhere.  When summer comes around, you'll find me in white jeans 9 out of 10 times.

The maxi dress.
Another favorite this season.  This particular dress is about four years old, but I'm still crazy about it!  I love the pop of color on an otherwise neutral dress.

Wear it to work.
I've never worked in an office, but if I did, this is what I think I'd like to wear.  The colorful pattern of the skirt and a cheery necklace would stand out amongst the standard neutral fare (that I am envisioning for an office...I have no idea, ha-ha).

This is probably my favorite look, and what you'd most likely find me in.  It's just simple, and I'm loving turquoise + black lately.

Date night.
If you don't have a simple white dress for the summer.  Go get one now!  I snatched this up at Walmart for $14, and it's the the perfect summer dress.  Throw on a cardigan and some cute wedges, and your set for a lovely evening!

Have I convinced you that you NEED this necklace yet???
Get yours here!

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  1. My favorite is the maxi dress! I am not brave enough to wear white---dirt is just too attracted to me :)

  2. A fantastic necklace. It goes with every single thing.


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