May 31, 2011

Target Tuesday ~ Ma Vie en France

I have recently decided to start studying French again.  I'm not sure what I will do with this new ability, but I am bound and determined to put it to good use! 
A trip to Paris, perhaps? 
Until then, I will settle for a few of these gems at Tar-jay...

4. Eiffel Tower Salt and Pepper Shakers (c'est adorable, non?)
7.  Pop a Paris - Rock n' Roll & Mini Skirts
9.  Picnic Basket (to be filled with fresh baguettes and creamy brie)
13.  This is Paris (adorable series, see also: This is New York)
16.  Bistro Set

Now head on over to Fabulous but Evil, to see what everyone else has found!
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  1. Cute theme! Love the apron & shoes!

  2. I want a bistro set so bad for my front porch, tres sad that my husband has said absolutely not.

  3. Ahh these are so perfect! I wish I had a Target nearby. I want to do some sprucing up in my apartment :) I'm going to bring back some inspiration from my trip to Paris (end of this week!).

  4. The bistro set is ADORABLE!

    Visiting from

  5. i just love that gold chair! wish i had a place in my house for it!


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