April 29, 2011


TGI~5way is our newest weekly feature here at GS Lillian Daily.  Each Friday we will feature one GS Lillian piece worn 5 ways. 
{Do you love the clever play on words, or what???}

When adding to your wardrobe, it's always a good rule of thumb to choose versitile pieces.  For this feature, I will dig into my closet and pull together outfits using the selected piece of the week & clothing already found in my collection.

Hanna Necklace

Want one for yourself? 
Just click on the picture above.
{psst...it's our Deal of the Day~Save $50 + FREE Shipping!}

What is your favorite piece? 
Visit GS Lillian today, and let us know what piece you would like to see styled next.

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  1. This really is a brilliant idea- I never would have thought a yellow statement necklace could be so versatile, but this post completely changed my mind :) Can't wait to see your next TGI-5way!


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