April 10, 2011

Many thanks

Hi!  I'm Shelly.
So...I know I have been a little completely remiss with this little blog.  Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted this blog to be about, or what I was even blogging for.  I was slow to the game, it wasn't until about a year ago I even discovered blogs (now, kind of obsessed), and although I read a wide variety of blogs from lifestyle to street style & business to complete silliness, there are a few that I read religiously.  As I continued to ponder about my own blog, I realized that I am most faithful to blogs that post DAILY with pictures and glimpses of real lives.  Call me voyeuristic (I think we all are), but I love to see what you are wearing, eating, and doing.  In that light, along with the latest and greatest news from GSL, I will keep you up to date with what I am wearing (including how I style GSL), eating (I love interesting food), and doing (join me).  DAILY.

PS.  XO and a huge thank you to all the bloggers out there that continue to inspire me

PPS.  Check out what's going on at GSL today.
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