July 9, 2012

weekend | update

Hello, hello!

How was your weekend?  I happen to be on my own personal tour of Connecticut dairy farm ice cream stands.  This week we tried Wells Hollow Creamery.  The ice cream was good, but not exactly out of this world.  It did however make up for it with the presence of farm animals.  So far, my absolute favorite ice cream has been Buttonwood Farm in Griswald, CT.  

We also have an amazing park nearby that is dog friendly.  Tons of pups are able to run free through the woods and swim in the amazingly clean pond.

I ate a ton of amazing food too (umm, hello disco lobster fries!?!!  from this place), but no pictures, so it's kind of like I didn't eat anything at all.  

I hope it wasn't too hot in your neck of the woods to get out and enjoy some fresh air too!

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