July 3, 2012

catch me if you can

Well hello there!  

How have you been?  I've missed you!  
{I really have}

Since, we've spoken (?) last I've been crazy busy!
Which is a good problem to have, no?
Just to catch you up, in the last few weeks I have...

driven across the country (LA to NYC--in 3 days! What!?)

taken a cake decorating class (probably not opening a bakery any time soon)

discovered the pez factory!!

decided to spill the beans about Mr. G** (look how dorky strong we he are is)

spent a long weekend in Orlando (without stepping foot into Disneyland)
this is the only picture I took!

purchased enough j crew pencil skirts to make my own catalog (seriously)

attended the Pride parade in NYC

worked on a much needed website revamp (almost there)
designed a few new products! (to be revealed soon...see above)

**Mr. G. and I are going steady.  Ha ha, I kid.  Kind of.
Actually here is where I share how crazy and neurotic I can be.  I feel silly referring to Mr. G as my "boyfriend", it just seems so juvenile (?).  {but probably I'm just crazy}  So we'll just be referring to him as "Mr. G", and if I become Mrs. G, then I will refer to him as "the hubs"?  Or not.

Enough about me...what are YOU up to this summer??

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