February 29, 2012

GSL Everyday: At the Oscars?!?!

Well hello friends!
I know I have been completely MIA for the last two weeks, but I have actually been making some new jewelry (more on that soon)!!  I'm also fighting a pretty fierce case of the late winter (I can't possible bear one more cold day) blues.  
Translation: I have been living in leggings and turtlenecks for the last two weeks, and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't impress anyone.  

BUT, GS Lillian sighted at the Oscars??  That's something to write about!

Monica (pictured above) with her talented husband Dave Jesteadt, who is the distributor of two of the best animated feature nominees A Cat in Paris and Chico & Rita wore a GS Lillian necklace to the Oscars over the weekend!!?!  Not only that, she was sweet enough to take the time to send me a few pictures.

AND in addition to that...I made the J Crew blog too!
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