November 10, 2011

Thursday Lately

Sorry, something happened with the recording and the sound and picture get messed up sometime in the middle and there is a pause at one point...but anyway here it is.  It's Thursday Lately, and I'm linking up with Bex...a style diary to chat about all the wonderful things I have going on this week!

You can find more info about the Sephora App here.  There are also tutorials that are a must if you are a makeup novice like myself.  But really the try on nail polish is the best part.

The products I mentioned are
lipstick ("red Taboo" totally worth every 20% off, that is)
eye shadow (I got "The Top Self")
nail stickers (from this awesome girl with another giveaway going on!)
I couldn't find the post it notes, but I got them at Staples
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