October 5, 2011

a scHAIRy situation

        It's been over a year since I've gotten a haircut!  I'm sure you can tell, also I hear you whispering behind my back...
And, for someone with an aversion to brushing my hair, I am very particular about who cuts it.  I have been going to the gorgeous Bumble and Bumble studio in NYC for years, but my stylist has disappeared and since I've lived in Connecticut for 5 years now, I think it's about time to find someone a little closer to my neighborhood.  SCARY 
(I'll swim with whale sharks the size of a bus without a second thought, but finding a new stylist..EEK!!)

That, coupled with wanting a major change is almost too much to bear.  So I'm going to have to leave the change part up to you...

shorter - or - bangs

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