August 31, 2011

work it wednesday~1 cuff 3 (or 4) ways

 It's work it Wednesday again at The Good Life for Less, this time I decided to feature one piece of jewelry that gets worked to death.  It's a pretty big honor if you can imagine how much jewelry this girl has.  We're talking a dresser (or 2) full and that doesn't include all the pieces that are strewn about the house, my bags, my car...well basically any flat surface.  You can buy one here, but you should stop by here to win one.  You better go quick because I think the contest ends today at the stroke of midnight!!
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  1. You've got some amazing pieces, not to mention that bracelet : ) I love the two skirts, and the pink clutch, and...everything. Amazing taste!

  2. That's an amazing piece... I always love when you wear your own creations. They are SO cool! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Great bracelet! I just love all your jewelry!

  4. Love that cuff! I do love bold jewelry, and that one has such a great look. I have the same "green pebble" skirt, too, so I think I'll have to try and recreate look 2 sometime.

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