August 11, 2011

Thursday Lately

Hello my friends!

It's Thursday!  Even before Thursday Latelies, I loved Thursday.  I still do.
I've had the best week ever full of presents!  Yay for presents when it's not even your birthday!!

I mentioned a few blogs in my video, here they are

Megan at Chasing Davies ~ Hosted an awesome friendship bracelet swap.  Thanks Megan!  Can we do it again???  Pretty Please???

 Lulu at A Candid Life ~ Made my lovely bracelets.  Thanks Lulu!!!  I LOVE them.  I promise not to lose them again at Target.  Want to see the bracelet I made??  Here is is!

And my package of goodies came from Chris at Chubbette Tales...Life after Spanx.  Seriously go check out her blog, she is so sweet.  Make friends with her, she sends you presents!!!  Just kidding, make friends with her because she is truly dear.  Just don't try to be her BFF...I already got the job!

I kid you not, friends.  While reviewing my video I already ate one package of dried mangos and half of the egg cookies.  When I say I have 0 self control, make that like negative 22 self control.  

Have the best weekend ever!
qwkhwlefkhewlkw Aso (he can't spell yet) 

Oh sheesh, don't forget to go see another of my BBF's BEX!!! Her videos are the best!  And she's gorg, just watch them to see her!

PS I've had a super busy week, I've read all your lovely comments and emails and I am going to get back to you this weekend.  I'm not ignoring you, I will get back to you!!  xoxoxo

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