July 26, 2011

smarty pants

Remember J Crew's ad campaign where everyone had on oversized and slightly awkward glasses?  Well, I finally decided to jump on the band wagon just in time for back to school.  I still like to pretend I go back to school every fall which necessitates a new wardrobe.  So last Friday I was perusing** the jcrew.com sale section, when I got completely distracted with all the models wearing nerd glasses.  I knew exactly who I needed to turn to to get more info. 
Here's how it played out:

me:  are nerd glasses really cool?
lisa:  ummm...YES!!
me:  do you have some?
lisa: not yet
me:  where do you get them?
lisa:  ryan found some at urban outfitters
me:  wait, ryan's more hip than us?

The hunt was on, even an oppressive heatwave didn't slow us down.  Within 24 hours we both had nerd glasses.

**My sister just got back in town, and I'm already smarter. 
I want you to be smarter too.
Did you know that peruse means to review in detail?? 
I thought it meant just to skim something.
You learn something new everyday...

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