July 28, 2011

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Hello GS Lillian lovers! My friend (and jewelry designer extraordinaire) Shelly has agreed to let me post on her blog! I can’t even think of a better day to do so than on THURSDAY LATELY! Thanks Shelly!!

Every year around mid July, when the oh-so-glorious summer sun is beating down, stores begin to introduce new fall merchandise. While I love to peruse* the racks and see what new styles, designs and colors are being used, I’m usually not quite ready to make any purchases. How could I? It’s 96 degrees outside!! Ultimately I blame it on heat stroke and head home with shopping bags dangling off of my arms.

In the past I would succumb to the new goods and make one or two or twenty-four purchases during this time. I, my friends (is it too soon to call you all friends?), am an impulse shopper…insert dramatic piano music here…the WORST kind of shopper there is. I have no control when it comes to clothing. Shoes, accessories, beauty products, and stuff in general I don’t have to have like I have to have my clothing. My lack of control is not exclusive to the fall season, in fact it’s happens with any item of clothing that I haven’t seen before. While the economy has been up and down for a while I’ve been very lucky (and thankful Thursday) that I haven’t been affected… until now.

This year (as of two months ago) I’m saving. So far I’ve done a pretty good job! I’ve only made one long sleeve purchase (it’s a ¾ sleeve so it doesn’t really count and it’s a really awesome vintage burnout Beastie Boys shirt, so it double doesn’t really count). This year (as of two months ago) I’m fully committed to saying BYE BYE BYE** to BUY BUY BUY. I’m letting Fall inspire me instead of take over me as wait for sales to pop up. I’m head over heels for the colors Fall 2011 is bringing us. Dusty pinks, purples and greys have my toes curled with excitement. I’m dying fill my shelves with emerald, navy, and rose but I made a promise to myself that now is the time to save for a house instead of a  Vince Sequined Sweater

 But promises always have loopholes, right?

RIGHT! Currently I am completely obsessed with nail polish. I’m obsessed to the point where I may or may not have*** suggested to my boss that we replace all of our Pantone Chips with the entire Essie catalog. Maybe I can’t buy those new fall colors I’m craving but I can still wear them! And wear them I do! As an added bonus this loophole also makes me really super cool in the eyes of my four nieces! I think I read somewhere that your nieces judge which Aunt is their favorite by how many different shades of nail polish they own**** (My one nephew already thinks I’m the coolest because we have the same Birthday). WIN-WIN!

Now while some of you may be thinking I’m an incredible problem solver, others are probably thinking that I’m delusional. Yes, I’m delusional, but spending $30 to refresh the ol’ polish collection is way better than spending $345 on one sweater that will lay in my closet only to be worn twice because I can’t decide if sequined golden sweater is a style I can “pull it off”.

So now Ladies, Gentleman, and my Sister (who better show these pictures to the girls) I now present to you the colors that will eventually become my Fall wardrobe:
Side Note (I opted to call this Hang Nail but alas, did not): I was not born with the Painting of the Nails Gene. My friend Jess has the Painting of the Nails Gene. She could totally complete the perfect manicure in the back of car that has no spark plugs while off-roading through the roughest terrain known to man*****. I am truly horrible at painting my own nails. You guys this was the best job I have EVER done. I’m really proud of myself! Even though it got a little rocky around the edges (I used 4 Q-tips to clean up) and I had to re-do my pointer finger on my right hand 3 times.

Side Side Note: If I had more fingers I would have added the following three colors. I am equally obsessed with these guys as I am with the others.

AND FINALLY: I did this in bed this morning. I put a piece of paper towel on a clipboard and used that as my surface. My boyfriend was convinced I was going to spill nail polish all over our white comforter. I want him to know that the comforter is nail polish stain free!! It is not however highlighter stain free….

*See Shelly, I told you I read your blog religiously
**Turn of the century smash hit by vintage Justin Timberlake pop group N*SYNC
***I totally did.
****I read it on this blog five minutes ago
*****This is yet to be confirmed.

(Trying to be) Fashionably Yours,
(aka the second “L” in GS Lillian…right Shelly?!?!)

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