June 14, 2011

An open letter to Shop Ruche and Kendi Everyday

Do you like this skirt?
So do I.
But guess what, we CAN'T have it.
(I'm pretty sad about it too.)

When I saw Kendi wearing it the other day on Kendi Everyday, I immediately clicked right over to Shop Ruche to get one for myself, but it was SOLD OUT. 
Super, double, make that triple squared :(

So anyway, after I dried my tears (literally), I decided to shop around while I was there, and quickly fell in love with these:

and guess what? 
They were SOLD OUT too.
Even though they were probably going to be a little too short for me,  I had already envisioned a super inspiring post about how I made them work despite their length, and other long-legged girls around the world were going to be singing my praises and most likely were going to send me a lot of money to buy more clothes. 
That's probably not going to happen now.

Then I noticed a "Back In Stock Tab", so quickly I clicked it because, in my fragile emotional state, I could no longer chance facing another lovely, world saving, OUT OF STOCK item, and I found this:

almost as cute at the skirt, right?
Happiness returns...until I click on the sizes
OUT OF STOCK (in my size)!!

And to top it all off (and I don't even know why I bothered), located just below the dress, I kind of fell in love with these:

At this point, you probably know what I'm going to tell you...
OUT OF STOCK (in my size)...
Yup, then I killed myself. 
Thanks Shop Ruche.
 I had some serious potential to A) Be Super Awesome, and/or B)  Save the world by creating outfits with pants that are too short for me. 

Now for you Kendi.
I may or may not stalk your blog, and I may, or may not, copy some a lot of your outfits. 
You are causing me to spend a lot of money on clothes I probably would not have even picked up if you didn't look so adorable in them.  You'll be hearing from my accountant.

Additionally, you are hilarious, and I just might have peed my pants a little reading this post.

But to top it all off, you have such a following that I am holding you personally responsible for my complaints above.  Maybe it was only the skirt you were responsible for, but I would have never even tried to buy any of the other items had you not directed me to buy your ikat skirt.

Now that you, Shop Ruche, and you, Kendi have been properly shamed, I am going to offer you a way to redeem yourselves.

Shop Ruche:  Please get the ikat skirt back IN STOCK, oh and in my size.
(I signed up for for an email alert, so there is no need to personally send me an email when this happens)

Kendi Everyday:  Please send me copy of your upcoming outfit posts, PRE-POSTING, so that I have the option of snagging the items of my choice before they SELL OUT.  Otherwise I am going to have to upgrade my stalking from blog stalking to stalking you in real life, and that would just be awkward for everyone involved. 

PS. I already grew my hair out to be more like you.  Just kidding, I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago...my hair doesn't grow that fast.
PPS.  Thanks for the daily inspiration and laughs.
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