May 11, 2011

win~win wednesday / daisy necklace~home

First of all, THANK YOU to everybody who stopped by from EverybodyEverywear!!
This necklace is actually one of the older pieces in my collection, but I still love it.
I felt pretty awkward taking pictures of myself (that's why I had my best buddy with me), hopefully I will get more comfortable with it, because I am loving this little blog of mine. 

After my little fashion shoot, I was driving home and I passed this adorable little home for sale, just steps from the beach.

I'm going to have to sell quite a few necklaces to snap this gem up, but I'm willing to give it a try!

That's where you come in...
Today I'm offering an awesome discount on my Daisy Necklace, so you can have one too.
(Stop by to check it out)

You get an adorable necklace ~ I inch ever closer to a new home!

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  1. I love daisies; this is a cute necklace! Debbie


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