May 3, 2011

DIY ~ Seeing Spots

The sun FINALLY came out in New England this weekend after a long & snow filled winter.
There was no way I could stay inside, so I decided to do a simple, cheap, and easy DIY project on my deck.

After being inspired (here) to embellish a simple pair of sunglasses, you can imagine my excitement when I found these adorable shades on the clearance rack at my local Walmart for a mere $3!  Originally I planned on only hot pink polka dots, but I was inspired by a few other colorful finds I came across as I headed for the arts and crafts section to pick up some markers.  (I'll share those with you tomorrow!)

PS.  I bought a few pairs just in case I messed up, but really this project is foolproof, and now I have a couple a spare pairs that I assure you will be adorned in one way or another!
 (there is some pink glitter burning a hole in my craft box that I'm pretty sure will make an appearance before too long...)

How would you DIY sunglasses if you had, say, 3 extra pairs?

A few out takes from a very patient friend.

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  1. Love!!!! didn't know you DIY'd them. :)

  2. He looks so sweet... the glasses are sooo cute, they've even tamed "the Beast"!

  3. my husband uses sharpies on EVERYTHING to "customize."

    he's a big rock climber, and he loves to sharpie his climbing shoes with unique designs. so clever.


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