April 13, 2011

Daily focus ~ for your best day(s) ever!

Jump for Joy ~ It's a new day!
  • Be grateful ~ think of at least 3 reasons why your life is amazing
  • Make your bed ~ you'll will appreciate it when it's time to crawl back in
  • Eat deliciously & nutriciously ~ continue this pattern throughout the day
  • Learn something new ~ you will benefit from this now & later
  • Fear not ~ don't let fear slow you down, do something that scares you
  • Take action ~ start that book, blog, project
  • Move it ~ take a walk, get some fresh air, sweat a little
  • Get quiet ~ if only for a moment, the answer will come
  • Love ~ your mom, your dog, your neighbor, and most importantly YOURSELF
  • Indulge ~ buy yourself something pretty, have that ice cream
  • Believe ~ in magic & miracles...have faith, they happen everyday
I am continually trying to make the most of each and everyday. I am by no means perfect (there are some days that I do NONE of the above), but by checking in with this list I keep balanced and focused on the moment.

What makes your day awesome?

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