March 14, 2012

something old, something new, something blue?

nothing borrowed...

However, in other exciting news, I finally figured out how to wear this too big ruffly top that I've had for ages.  I have it in several colors (and they are all too big), so I don't know why I didn't send them back, but I quite like the addition of a little something to spruce up what would have been a pretty average outfit.  
Yay me!

pleated poppy
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  1. Don't you love when that happens?  When you FINALLY wear something you bought so long ago?  And, it looks super cute the way you wore it!  Love all the bright colors!

  2. I love the ruffle top OVER the shirt - awesome! 

  3. Love the color combo, great ruffled top.  

  4. Such a cool and unique outfit. Love the blue frames.


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