January 16, 2012

say yes to the {sweater} skirt

Hello, and Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?  I'm not going to lie, mine was kind of awesome.  In fact I'm still kind of dreamy and happy just thinking about it.  Maybe it's because there are still a number of cupcakes lingering, but more likely because I got to spend lots of time with friends and loved ones celebrating my sister's 30th birthday.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH SARAH!!!  {everyone celebrates for a month right??}

Winter also seems to have arrived (much to my dismay), and I picked up this surprisingly warm sweater(??) skirt at Target over the weekend.  I've had my eyes on a pair of similar tight/leggings, but couldn't decide if it was the most flattering pattern to cover my legs in.  This skirt seems to be the best compromise for comfy cozy as well as flattering.

pleated poppy

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