June 22, 2011

30~30 Challenge Day 8: Jai Ho!

Don't you just love that song?  It makes me love India even more than I already do.  Anyway...

I fell in love with this simple dress a few months ago, I already talked about it here.  It is definitely not something that would have caught my attention if I hadn't seen it here first.  I almost bought it immediately, then I decided that if it wouldn't have caught my attention, maybe...just maybe, no one else would notice it either.  I stalked the Target clearance rack for weeks, and it finally ended up there.  I picked it up for a mere $6.24! 
I guess it was my destiny...jai ho!

My belt is also from Target.  I don't know how I was able to resist last fall when I saw them everywhere, but I'm glad I did because Target had this one for less than $20 (which is far less than I saw it elsewhere). 

I designed my earrings while working with a manufacturer in India.  I love them, but they aren't the best quality...which is kind of sad (and does NOT make me love India) because I don't have any for you.  You would probably be mad at me if I sold you earrings that were falling apart.
Mad is far worse than sad where purchases are involved, right??

PS.  I'm starting a new trend...the plume.  Any takers?
didn't think so...

pleated poppy
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